Announcements & Updates

UPDATE: 7/7/20

Due to the coronavirus and other shenanigans, Ken's vacation time back in June got canceled.  I ended up going with a friend while he had to stay behind.  They have since lifted the freeze on taking vacations, so he informed me yesterday that he's take a few weeks off.  We plan on spending some much needed time together being couch potatoes and going up to chill in the mountains.  

The website will be closed for orders July 20 - August 13.  

My plan is to reopen on August 14th, but with the way things have been going with 2020 so far, it wouldn't surprise me if aliens take over the planet by that time ;)

The next RTS restock will be postponed until September?  Possibly the very end of August, but I will update you here and on the homepage once I know.

I do apologize for the semi-short notice.  Because the website will be closed for a few weeks, I'm going to leave the 'sale prices' in effect on all RTS wax melts until we close.  Due to the time required to pour wax to order, the last opening for MTO options will be this upcoming weekend (July 10 - 12).

Thank you all for your love and support!  Please continue to stay safe out there.

UPDATE: 6/18/2020

With lots of inventory still in stock and ready to ship, there will not be a restock in July.  Remaining RTS stock will remain up on the website to purchase.  Next RTS restock will be sometime in August (date TBA).


Beginning in July, MTO options will only be available for purchase on weekends (Friday - Sunday).  This will allow me to streamline and pour any orders at the same time.  I appreciate your understanding!

July MTO Opening Dates:

July 3 - 5
July 10 - 12
July 17 - 19
July 24 - 26